Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by [GM] Carl on Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:39 pm

Forum rules and regulation

1. No posting of pictures with vulgar content. Pictures posted that are deemed vulgar will be deleted immediately.

2. The use of foul language or such is strictly prohibited. Even if the poster try to hide the foul language by adding special characters or numbers, it is within the admin and GM teams digression if the letters used or message is vulgar.

3. Flaming, degrading, bullying and/or showing disrespect towards other players will not be tolerated. (this is counting in-game characters and players themselves)

4. Disrespecting a member of the admin team or GM team will not be tolerated.

5. Posting information about your account/another players account or information will be deleted immediately.

6. You can not post anything about selling in-game items or characters for real cash. Only in-game transactions will be allowed (Items for gold or items for items)

7. The admin and GM's decision will be final. The team will always talk about a certain case before we pass the verdict. Any decision done or passed will always be done by the team as a whole.

8. It is also within the admin and GM team digression on what type of penalty will be bestowed upon a player for committing a violation. This can involve removal of your account from this forum to any in-game disciplinary action (Chat block, Account ban etc.)
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