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LimitbreakRAN Online Terms of Server Agreement and In Game Rules [MUST READ]

Please be informed that LimitbreakRAN Online will NEVER be responsible to any kind of transaction
which only both players had agreed. You are AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your OWN account is your OWN RESPONSIBILITY.
LimitbreakRAN Online never stop improving the security backup and kick out the hackers or scammers in the game to protect the rights and benefits of the majority players. While just like in all the online game, the hackers anywhere and really exist in the game. Here's our Terms of Server Agreement and In Game Rules that must be remembered:

1.) We DO NOT ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to do Buying/Selling Accounts Transactions especially this is RISKY and have HIGH PERCENTAGE that you'll get scammed/hacked. TRUST NO ONE as much as possible. The buyer and seller may do their transaction at your own risk.
   Transaction that involves LOAD, MONEY in exchange with IN-GAME Items/Account is strictly PROHIBITED. But since other players are still doing this, the buyer and seller may do their transaction at your OWN RISK BUT DO NOT EXPECT that we will assist/entertain you in these kind of scam/hack cases because it is a Player to Player transaction.
   We advice that you contact assistance to our official agent with this kind of cases or else LimitbreakRAN Online will not handle any case or complaints in the buy and sell transaction.

2.) Beware to those who do poser accounts and saying that they are one of the staffs or the staffs itself.
Please be guided accordingly that the LIST BELOW are the ONLY OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS and SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS of LimitbreakRan Online:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Facebook Group:
---Main Group:

---Trashtalk-ON Group:

Official Website:

Official E-Mail Account:

Official Admin's Facebook Profile:

3.) LimitbreakRAN Online Staffs, Game Masters and Agent will NEVER ASK FOR YOUR WHOLE INFORMATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT espcially your PINCODE, SECRET QUESTION and PASSWORD.  FREEBIES,and PROMOS are ONLY ANNOUNCED in our FB PAGE, WEBSITE and NOT by doing ONE ON ONE CONVERSATION THRU SUSPICIOUS FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS AND IMPERSONATED NAMES BY THE STAFFS. So let this be one of the MAIN HINTS that the one who is approaching you is ONE OF THE MANY HACKERS/SCAMMERS that will attempt to take your In-game accounts.

4.) If you encounter such occurrences said above just screenshot it and send it to our official agent
   NO REPORT with supporting SCREENSHOTS and EVIDENCE -  NO ACTION will be applied.

Group page rules and regulation
1. No posting of NETWORKING/PYRAMIDING and pictures with vulgar content. Pictures posted that are deemed vulgar will be deleted immediately.
2. The use of foul language or such is strictly prohibited. Even if the poster try to hide the foul language by adding special characters or numbers, it is within the admin and GM teams digression if the letters used or message is vulgar.
3. Flaming, degrading, bullying and/or showing disrespect towards other players will not be tolerated. (this is counting in-game characters and players themselves)
4. Disrespecting a member of the admin team or GM team will not be tolerated.
5. Posting information about your account/another players account or information will be deleted immediately.
6. You can not post anything about selling in-game items or characters for real cash. Only in-game transactions will be allowed (Items for gold or items for items)
7. The admin and GM's decision will be final. The team will always talk about a certain case before we pass the verdict. Any decision done or passed will always be done by the team as a whole.
8. It is also within the admin and GM team digression on what type of penalty will be bestowed upon a player for committing a violation. This can involve removal of your Facebook account from this group to any in-game disciplinary action (Chat block, Account ban etc.)

General Rules
2.) We will never ever retrieve missing items due to HACK.
3.) Do respect players in game especially, the GMs and Admin.
4.) Do not lecture or give direction to GMs on what to do? Unless they ask your opinions.
5.) Don't spread false rumors about the server.
6.) Do not use violent or threatening words in game.
7.) Do not shout/advertise other Ran Online Private Server.
8.) Do not use any third-parties such us bot.
9.) Do not ask unnecessary questions in game to GMs.
10.) Violators will be penalized depending on the impact of what they've done.
11.) As a Limitbreak Gamer, you are bound to agree to the Rules and Regulations of this Game (Limitbreak RAN Online).

In-Game Rules & Punishment
1. Item / Gold Dupe - Permanent Banned
2. Dupe Items Holder - Permanent Banned
2. Use Hack/Cheat Files - Permanent Banned
3. Giving Keylogger Site - Permanent Banned
4. Advertising other RAN Server - Permanent Banned
5. False Rumoring - 1 Week Ban
6. Saying Bad Words
* 1st Offense: 1 Week Chat Block
* 2nd Offense: 2 Weeks Chat Block
* 3rd Offense: 3 Weeks Chat Block
* 4th Offense: 4 Weeks Chat Block
* 5th Offense: 1 Year Chat Block
7.)Staff Impersonation - Permanent Banned

- If you experience or see any bad in game attitude just screenshot it and PM us @ Yahoo Messenger : .
- Your Account is Your own Responsibility.
- NO Screenshot - NO Action.

Thank you and happy gaming everyone!
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