General Rules

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General Rules

Post by [GM] Carl on Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:17 pm

1.) Do respect players in game especially, the GMs and Admin.
2.) Do not lecture or give direction to GMs on what to do? Unless they ask your opinions.
3.) Don't spread false rumors about the server.
4.) Do not beg for golds or items to other players and especially to GMs and Admin.
5.) Do not repeatedly PK(kill players) other online players.
6.) Do not spam on the server to prevent the lag (slow speed connection of the server) in game.
7.) Do not use violent or threatening words in game.
8.) Do not shout/advertise other Ran Online Private Server.
9.) Do not use any third-parties such us bot.
10.) Do not ask unnecessary questions in game to GMs.
11.) Please Donate to support our server expenses.
12.) Violators will be penalized depending on the impact of what they've done.
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